Inside every struggling student is a confident learner waiting to be discovered; and that's what Halcyon Learning does. Through individually tailored, one-on-one instruction we give students of all ages the tools they need to unlock their full potential.

What makes us different

We come to your home or school and are flexible in terms of scheduling.

We use state of the art multi-sensory research based programs to develop individualized instruction to remediate difficulties in reading, spelling, verbal and written comprehension, writing, vocabulary, math, and study skills.

hal•cy•on  [hal-see-uhn]

                  adj 1. Calm and peaceful; tranquil.

              n.1. A fabled bird, identified with                            the Kingfisher, that had the                              power to calm the wind and the                        waves while it nested on the sea.

Bill Baldyga, M.Ed.

Educational Therapist, Certified


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